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"Childhood memories and Nightmares". By:Me

I started out lucky and happy,
No one could break me,bring me down.
Turn my smile into a frown, like a lifeless
Circus clown.
I had everything I could want,family, friends, love was abundant
However life couldn’t be nothing but a dream because my fairytale ended abruptly.
Grew up realized everything wasn’t black and white but grey wasn’t as
Grey as it could be.
That my happiness, and family life would crumble and die out like a bright star
My childhood would fade, ever so slowly and the memories go with it all that would be left was the nightmares. No times before it.
I would wake up it would be school and life. No time for fun, for happiness not anything you’d expect from what you dreamed life would be.
Just stress,anxiety, broken down memories of times forgotten,remembered then lost.
Days of dead glassy looks and fake smiles with nights of tears and regretful mistakes .
There’s no room for that little girl who frolicked around her heart so bright and pure. Untainted by the cruel destroyers society,placed onto the world to take away such imagination and break the spirit of our young.
She died the moment a blade hit her skin.
She died the moment she puked into that Toliet.
She died the moment she looked in that mirror and felt she wasn’t worth it.
What replaced her was a product of society.
A man made monster was what that little girl never wished to be.
Yet there she lies upon her bed,with demons rattling,screaming in her head.
The little girl hides on her bed terrified, of what may come.
No one wants their parent dead, or a life filled questioning what the future may bring.
No one expects to be fucked in the head, and only have music to keep them sane.
I never expected to smile so easily,living a lie,while you all believe in me.
But when you grow up.
The world dulls,darkens and eventually fades.
And as we get older we fade with it.
So how am I now?
Well, I’m in hell.
Playing with the once lost memories, and running from my nightmares and I’ll continue till the end.

Hey Guys! Quick post.

Hey I know I haven’t been posting much stories and poems lately not sure if you guys even care or like that stuff anymore. But lately I’ve been having writers block although I have old poems and stories I never posted on here because I’ve been busy so from now till infinity I guess XD I will post stories,poems and writing pieces on here like I used to . And it would be amazing if you guys could give feedback.


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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"i have danced with death
i have reached out my hands
and let my fingers brush against her
once or twice i have
disturbed her slumber
the first time she awoke
she reached for me
just letting her fingertips brush mine
and i flinched and retracted
my own arms
so afraid to go through
the second time i only called
and i woke her lightly
only enough for her to notice
that i had tried to grasp her
on my third attempt
death held onto my hand
and i tried to pull myself
into her arms
but something must have
grabbed onto my leg
and tugged me back home
the next time she was waiting
she was waiting for my touch
and she reached her hands out
and snatched me close to her
i grasped at her dark hair
and relished in her scent
but i heard them calling
and i pushed her away from me
i swam back through the darkness to join them
and the very last time
was the time i looked in her eyes
i clasped her hands in my own
and begged her to take me
but she was silent and
all too soon i felt the arms
of many who i loved
coming down on me
and bringing me back
you see, death and i
we have danced a bloody waltz
that has spit nothing
but misery and fear back to me
and though sometimes
i long for death to claim me
take me once and for all
i have vowed that i will
never search for her again"
-i will have to live out my days in misery i suppose (m.g.t)